Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Handles/Asas ou Alças

Choose you handles for your tailormade bag, according to your needs (Limited stock)

Escolha as suas asas/alças ao seu gosto para a sua mala personalizada (Stock limitado)

Ref: H002 - Shoulder handle - leather imitation - Black and brown (professional photo)

Ref: H027 - Medium hand handles - Black painted wood

Ref: H028 - Handles "Square" - Black painted wood

Ref: H029 - Small sized acrylic handles - Available in black and light brown

Ref: H028 - Handles "Square" - Natural light coloured wood

Ref: H031 - Hand handles - Natural light coloured wood

Ref: H032 - Wood Hand handles - Dark brown

Ref: H033 - Wood hand handles - Dark brown

Ref: H034 - Wood hand handles - Dark brown

Ref H035 - Wood hand handles - Dark brown

Ref: H011 - Acrylic hand handle, wood imitation - Light brown (professional photo)

Ref: H001 - Acrylic hand handle - Light brown or black (professinal photo)

Ref: H016 - Acrylic shoulder handles - Wood imitation in light brown

Ref: H017 - Small sized hand handle made by wood - brown, adequate for a "stylish" handbag or clutch

Ref: H018 - Medium sized hand handle made by wood - light brown

Ref: H019 - Medium hand handle made by oval wood pieces - Dark brown

Ref: H020 - Small sized wood hand handle - Dark brown

Ref: H021 - Wood hand handles - Dark Brown

Ref: H022 - Wood handles for hand bag - Dark Brown

Ref: H023 - Acrylic hand handle (wood imitation) - Available in Light brown, black/grey and black (glossy)

Ref: H024 - Cane hand handle

Ref: H025 - Cane hand handle

Ref: H013 - Wood hand handles made by black/white pieces (professional photo)

Ref: Hoo4 - Acrylic shoulder handle - Black/very light brown (professional photo)

Ref: H015 - Acrylic shoulder handle - Available in Grey/Black, glossy black (picture),

light brown, dark brown and in White (professional photo)

Ref: H009 - Hand handles in metal (professional photo)

Ref: H007 - Hand handle - Acrylic dark brown wood imitation - available in light brown and white (Professional photo)

Ref: H026 - Acrylic hand handles (cane imitation) - Available in light brown and grey/black

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